The Rose, Queen of Flowers

The Rose, Queen of Flowers
The rose is called the queen of flowers or the flower of love. The Greeks and Romans introduced the bush in from Persia. The rose was then used as a versatile herb. To meet the high demand of petals they put in their southern Italian colonies huge farms with a network of heating pipes. One could grow throughout the year as roses. European knights discovered during their crusades, Palestine again other types of roses which she took home.

There are now many types of roses which about three hundred exist in the wild. It is not surprising that the rose has always been in love is associated. The Greeks and Romans wore the rose with their goddesses of love. By the Christians was the rose dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the Middle Ages used the rose to witchcraft and evil to keep at a distance.

In ancient times, rose leaves mainly used for decorating couches, floors and table decoration. It was also used as a spice in salads and drinks, as raw material for perfume and as a medicinal herb. At the current time of roses, the most diverse bouquets made for all occasions.

The color of the rose is important, because the color of the rose has a symbolic meaning.
Red rose:
·         Love and respect.
·         In the button stands for purity and love (sometimes secret). In full bloom, stands for mature love. Deep red rose stands for: I want (desire) or (marriage) proposal.
White rose:
·         Have faith in me.
·         The rose represents true love and spiritual purity and dignity towards each other. A half open rose, standing with a degree of dependence or subordination.
White and red rose together:
·         The desire to always be together, form a unity and connectedness.
Pink rose:
·         My heart belongs to you or I love you secretly.
·         In full bloom, it stands for believing in each other. Dark pink rose symbolizes gratitude.
Yellow rose:
·         Stands for intimate friendship and solidarity.
·         Just opened rose, represents whether the receiver still loves you. In full bloom, stands for jealousy or desire to get.
Blue rose:
·         Divine love
Black rose:
·         A black rose symbolizes farewell.
·         In the button, it will leave less definitive. In full bloom this for a final farewell.

Even now rose leaves as used extensively in ancient times, especially in the cuisine. It can even spread, like the old-fashioned pink honey, syrup pink, pink jelly and candied rose petals in it. Recipe of rose syrup to make yourself. Hard white parts of the rose petals pick with hot and cold water pouring over the leaves become brittle mix with added lemon juice. Equal weight of sugar, this alternately 20 times cook until the mixture has become a viscous mass and voila your homemade rose syrup, tasty food.



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