Flowers in Our Lives

Each flower has its own meaning but to understand all this variety is not necessary our florists will do it for you. So, asters are a symbol of tender love, memories, sophistication and elegance. For example, means the pursuit of pleasure, youth, dreaminess and sociability. Symbolizes trust, chamomile youth and innocence, snowdrop hope. A rose, the most controversial flowers that have many interpretations are appropriate in any bouquet, because the value of these beautiful plants depends on their color.

Throughout the course of life flowers accompany us in sorrow and joy in everyday life, flowers cheer up and beautify our lives. Sometimes, they help make the holiday brighter and sometimes vice versa holiday arrange themselves into a part of colors. Many countries celebrate the day of colors in Bulgaria there are day lilies, pansies in England and forget-me, lily of the valley - France, Germany . The holiday colors that suit the residents of Venice, is just breathtaking when flower garlands, wreaths and other decorations float through the streets of the country. But in the Netherlands in the spring of the year of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips make different designs: castles, towers, carriages, cars and jets. After these floral arrangements are moving through the streets. As a rule, in the perfumed throne sits the most charming girl. Her, the queen of flowers, bear some strong guys. In Japan, everything is much easier to admire flowers many people as possible, fragrant chrysanthemum placed along the railway platforms.

Everyone knows that flowers include in the menu. Many nations like dishes made with flowers. For example, Japanese love the salad of violets. India is considered a delicacy in drink from the flowers of the banana. The Chinese, use all the grass, but fastidiously apply to milk. In it they cook lily, with more salt and pepper. In Japan and China are preparing delicious pies with chrysanthemum. The only dish understandable to our people it rose petal jam.

The flowers are everywhere in the forest and a meadow in the park, in our garden in small lawns of the houses and always when you look at them, they delight our hearts.



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