The Beauty of Flowers

The Beauty of Flowers
Still, the main feature is the color of their amazing beauty, which can lift your mood, happy. When words fail, flowers help express feelings, a declaration of love or just a good attitude to the man. Sometimes they can do it more smoothly us. They are our friends and helpers without them, the world will lose their paint is dull.

Each flower, whether it is a rose or a daisy, enveloped in a soft mysterious atmosphere, a kind of magic breath of nature. Any person, regardless of age and gender cannot feel indifferent to the flowers. Sometimes it does not matter bouquet of flowers which you will present: Gerbera daisies or simple violets, because the main focus. And while the bouquet is presented in a vase - in the house hovers festive atmosphere, but at heart the feeling that you need someone.

But this is mother nature gave us humans, these beautiful plants which for many centuries to make our life a joy and beauty, cheer up at any time of the year. All of them, from roses to cornflowers, paint everyday life in vibrant colors. Flowers are loved by all, they adorn our lives. A small bunch of violets and lilies of the valley gives a unique flavor of spring. Basket of lovely flowers reminiscent of how much beauty around.

The beauty of flowers, the beauty of the female body, the beauty of flowering trees, the beauty that catches the eye. Each person has his own perception of beauty, because we are all different and individual. But there is a beauty that captures the spirit.

Beauty of FlowersThe Royal Park Keukenhof, which is 25 km from the capital of Holland, Amsterdam. This park is located on the territory of 32 hectares of land planted with 7 million bulbs of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils that publish unique flavors. The bulbs are thrown at a depth of three rows, fades when a number of its top-removed and in its place comes the second row and so on to the third row. I was impressed with tulip fields located around the place, planted in each of the bands of colors select only the five biggest and strongest, the best bulbs, so here is a selection of colors. The rest of the bulbs just throw away. Although here in the park you can buy for yourself varietal bulbs.

Only two months these beautiful flowers are blooming in the park, removed very interesting variety, simply unique, double,long legs and unusual colors. Holland largest supplier of flowers to any country. The largest consumer of cut flowers, Germany, which are very loving of flowers, they grow nearly all the houses are in all apartments and must say, the flowers are not expensive. Once a year there is a parade of colors, which attracts many tourists, it is a very beautiful sight.



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