Giant Flower Famous for Gorgeousness But Not For Fragrance

Giant Flower Famous for Gorgeousness But Not For Fragrance
The largest flower in the world is a body, or so it is often called: corpse flower, by the awful fragrance that secretes when it blooms, much celebrated event because it only happens once every several years.

It is known by the scientific name Amorphophallus titanum, but popularly received various names such as titan arum or corpse flower. The latest one is bunga bangkai from Indonesian. Carrion Flower is the second most common name for the plant, credit to its unique fragrance and the way it magnetize carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies, which are influential for the plant’s pollination.

The flower contains bottle green on the outer surface but deep reddish in the inner surface, giving it the outward show of rotting meat. The spiked center part of the flower is empty and topped with plenty of pollen. During the flourish phase, the spadix gets as warm as a living human body. The temperature is thought to enhance the fragrance of the flower and attract carrion-eating insects.

To give an idea of size, the largest specimen that has been recorded in the history of botany measured 2.74 meters high at the University of Bonn, Germany. The tuber, which only leaves a stem up to a meter in altitude, has a single flower and leaf.

The plant comes from the rainforests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The corpse flower bloom is something very attractive for flower lovers for the reason that a specimen usually live about 40 years, and in that period of life flourishes only three or four times.

With the flower is getting a great height, can grow to 10 inches a day and reach 2.50 meters high with a meter in diameter. But these unique flowers last only three days. After flowering, the plant emits a putrid fragrance like dead animal. So it is also called "corpse flower". This serves to fragrance various insects land on it, and so expand their pollen and reproduce. Tuber of the titan arum is the biggest in the plant territory. Its average weight is 110 pounds (50 kg) but it has been documented 200 pounds (91 kg) by botanists at the Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew Gardens when it was repotted after its dormant phase.

Not only known for being the largest flower in the world, but as we said, his nickname and corpse flower is that emits a fragrance of rotting flesh, so horrible that it's almost impossible to stay near her for long. But nobody care about the flower, as this fragrance is to attract the insects responsible for carrying pollen from one flower to another to reproduce.

It’s huge, it’s gorgeous and it fragrance unpleasant. Its been well known that people are fascinated by its magnificence well over a hundred years but it’s probably been charming for many thousands of years before that. This plant is so exceptional and so exotic that every bloom makes headlines around the globe and the only place to be certain to see a bloom from this puzzling beauty is at one of the numerous recognized botanical gardens refining them. Ignoring fragrance many passionate gardeners deem the sight an once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, an event precious of pilgrimage.



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