Flower Essence Therapy - Form of alternative healing

Flower essence therapy is a form of alternative healing that is accomplished through the use of vibrational medicine. This unique practice is designed to take care of the body with energy in order to generate balance & has been used for many years. It’s especially popular in Chinese medicine. Vibrational medicine is thought to affect both cellular health & emotional well-being.

Flower essences can be used alone or with other healing methods, depending on the specific problem & the practitioner. Essences are infusions made from water and flowers. It’s important to note that flower essences are not the same as herbal tinctures or essential oils which are generally aimed at healing physical ailments. The essences are generally odorless, unlike the perfume like aroma from most essential oils.

Unlike other herbal medicines, flower essences do not contain any chemicals. These diluted arrangements only contain the addition of brandy which helps stabilize the solution. Best describe as liquid energy; flower essence therapy simply captures the energy pattern or vibration of the flower it comes from.

Energy is the basis of flower essence therapy. All living organisms display some form of energy, be it emotional, spiritual or physical. Specific flower essences can be targeted to work on these energy forms, rather than attacking a certain infection and other physical problem. Flower essence therapy may be work by restoring the balance of energy within the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes energy movement within the body as chi or qi. Eastern customs believe chakras play a role in moving energy throughout the body. When all of the power within one’s body is in balance, a sense of overall good is established - regardless of the traditional style used. Practicing flower essence therapy, the only reason to consider is the individuality of its users, as no two people are the same. Essence should always be matched to an individual’s energetic blueprint.

Flower essence therapy works by taking the flower of a particular plant, capturing its innate energy & then storing it for later use. Picked soon after flourishing, the flowers are floated in a bowl of spring water to capture its essence. Generally, this is left to "charge" in the sun for several hours. The blooms are subsequently lifted out & essence or the liquid is poured into bottles with an equal amount of brandy. This acts as a preservative.

Once complete, the flower essence is stored for later use. Flower essences, used in various ways to restore one’s balance & vitality. The majority of people using flower essence therapy take them orally with juice, tea or water. They can also be rubbed onto the skin, such as the forehead or wrists.

Additionally, the flower essence can be placed in a spray bottle & misted onto the clothes, body or even within a room. Some people prefer to add a few drops to bath body oil, water, lotions or creams. Flower essence therapy is safe to use & an excellent way to restore emotional well-being & overall health.



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