The Herb Gardener: Flower Arrangements with Herbs

Herb Gardener
The Herb Gardener

Grow herbs and use them in your crafts, kitchen and herbal remedies. Herbs are a great introduction to gardening, and they are also a wonderful way to get your children concerned about nature. The substance of this site is anecdotal and provided for entertainment purposes only. It is not proposed as medical advice.


Flower Arrangements with Herbs

When you grow herbs, it is easy to find ways to use them around the house. Herbs make great decor items besides crafting, cooking and the occasional home remedy.

One of my favorite ways to display and use herbs is in decorative vases with whatever flowers are growing in the garden. To make this easier, I grow plant flower varieties and lots of herbs that, with luck, will provide blooms three seasons of the year.

I am not a dedicated flower person, but I do rely on lilies, roses, azaleas and peo nies, as well as brief favorites, like daffodils & tulips to serve up some color. The rest I try to do with decorative grasses and herbs.

Making an Herb and Flower Arrangement

I typically choose a strong stemmed herb, like rosemary & sage, and exploit it as a base. I set stems around the lip of my container on a diagonal. By this method the stems on the bottom of the container will start to take on a teepee shape. This is good because they will act as a support for the soft stemmed herbs & flowers, like oregano, thyme and mint that I will add later. Before I add each stem, I cut the bottom at a 45o ­angle to maximize water up take.

I put the flowers in the container after that, turning the vase as I go so the flowers are disseminated evenly. I try for odd numbered flower quantities. When I use plenty of herbs, I maintain the flower part of the display pretty sedate, so I do not use lots of dissimilar colors. Tone on tone generally works pretty well for me, but I am not a daredevil. (The photo is a more flamboyant example that might get your creative juices flowing.)

After creating something looks good, I fill in the open spots with smaller and fine leafed herbs.
I try to create texture the most dramatic element of the display, but roses are solid to top in an arrangement. If I have lots of herbs to show off, I will keep the flowers to a minimum.

Maintaining Herb Arrangements

I ensure to remove any herb leaves that are below the water line in the bud vase. I also use tepid, not cold water and substitute the water daily. If I have purified water, I will apply that instead. It is neutral & guaranteed bacteria free. Oh, I always cleanse my containers with white vinegar, bleach and salt water.
To nourish the blooms, I add an aspirin, but I am not above asking for additional flower packets when I dobuy and cut flowers. I store this cut flower food for my own arrangements. 

Herb Arrangement Options Me Enjoy

I use what I have, but some of my favorites are:
Oregano, marigold and Sage
Rosemary, Roses, thyme and lavender
Lavender, mint, iris and tansy
Woodruff, Lavender and rosemary

I'm sure you get the idea. Experimenting is the best part. I frequently get 5 days from a bouquet. The combined smells are very nice on a kitchen table, & better, next to an open, shaded window. This bouquet with herbs formulates me happy every time the wind blows.



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