Preserve Flowers, Preserve Memories

Preserve Flowers
Preserve fresh flowers has been an excitement of mankind ever since the beginning of time. The art of preserve flowers has its family in ancient history but recently has benefited from something of a revival. With an ever-mounting number of people becoming more sentimental about the flowers they receive, preserving flowers presents a wonderful way to keep a long-lasting souvenir of a special event or gift.

Preserve flowers is a phenomenon which initiate mostly by a safe chemical process involving the incorporation of glycerin and undisclosed polymers to stabilize the progression and make the preserved flowery product last. It is well established word of mouth that the Europeans perfected the preservation technique. 

Flowers that preserved are unlike than freeze dried out flowers or dried flowers. They’re longer in lasting and softer as well in terms of touching. They can’t be eminent from fresh flowers as they’re fresh flowers preserved in that status. 

Preserve flowers in numbers is a rewarding know-how because it is comparatively easy and cheap to do, the flowers usually dry extremely well and they can last for years & years. Preserve flowers very much incorporated with air drying, pressing and using various drying agents including glycerin are three broadly practiced techniques.

Air Drying

Air drying is possibly the easiest and top method for preserving flowers and simply needs you to narrow piece the leaves off the flowers, attach them together with cord and hang them upside down in a dark, warm & dry place. The perfect place to do this is in a wardrobe or pantry and the procedure can take between 1-2 weeks based on the flower’s humidity content. Few flowers should be chosen for air drying in the bud phase, or partly opened, as they’ll continue to open while drying. Others must be chosen when they are entirely mature. Preferred flowers to preserve through air dry technique include: hydrangeas, gypsophila, celosia, roses and lavender.


Pressing is a very simple way to preserve flowers and numerous will be well-known with this technique from their early days. The finest way to press flowers is by assembling them carefully among several thicknesses of newspaper and then layer them with a board pressed down by a weighty object. This method can take anyplace up to four weeks to complete, based on the size of the flowers & their tissue content. Preferred flowers to preserve through pressing technique include: roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, violets, poppies, lily-of-the-valley and sweet peas. 


Glycerin is a chemical that preserve flowers & foliage by substituting the water in the plant substance, making the conserved item flexible and long-lasting. This technique of preserving is debatably more appropriate for plants than flowers, but firm flowers such as gypsophila hydrangea & bells of Ireland will well by glycerin and produce some attractive outcomes. To employ this technique, combine two parts of water to one part glycerin and put the stem of the flower into the combination. Ensure better mixing, warm water should use and obviously a faster rate of absorption. Where foliage only is used, they should be underwater completely in the glycerin-water solution. The time essential for finishing the preservation method varies but anticipate two to possibly three weeks before the glycerin solution arrives at the leaf tips.

Preserve flowers, a pretty common dimension practiced during colonial times, is becoming more and more admired with mounting number of flower-conscious people around the world. It is advisable not to toss out flowers after receiving them from special events or as gift rather to preserve them and preserve memories as well.



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