History of Rose

RoseThe birthplace of the cultivated Rose was most likely Northern Persia, on the Caspian, or Faristan on the Gulf of Persia. Traditionally, the oldest Rose fossils are found in Colorado, geologically dating back to over thirty five million years ago. Roses were thought of as the foremost sacred flowers in ancient Egypt and were used as offerings to the divinity Isis. Roses have also been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, where they were fashioned into ceremonial wreaths. Roses are universal and grown across the globe. 

The rose has galvanized individuals for generations; many of us see the wonder of the rose as a logo of affection, its delicate petals representing the caress of someone dear to us, and its magnificence perhaps representing life itself. The rose is a flower that has sparked the imaginations and touched the hearts of many people; no other flower has served so many different purposes, such as being the highlight of a person's day, a gift of affection and happiness, or a gesture symbolizing the grief felt at the passing of a loved one. The lovely and delicate rose may be the most illustrious flower in the whole world. Most members of the general public simply head to the flower shop and purchase a bouquet, then give it to the person it is intended for; however, there are those who grow those roses, who put a little bit of their heart and soul into each and every blossom.  Perhaps you are one of those individuals, or maybe you would like to be, but are simply unsure how to get started.
RoseOnce you have created your selection of roses, begin by planting them in a place where they are likely to get around six to eight hours of daylight every day. The rose is a plant that likes to drink, so provide your rose plants with small amounts of water at regular times throughout the week. It is also important to keep your roses pruned; to do this, simply cut out the dead stuff each spring.  You may also wish to try and do some pruning to form the plant in order to keep it looking nice.  Keep the rose plant cropped and inseminated, however keep in mind that once winter comes, fertilizing and such need to be stopped.  It is a good idea to stop fertilization approximately one month before the primary frost.  Doing this will put the flower into a closing mode. The soil ought to be of a decent quality, meaning it needs to be able to drain well; roses do not like standing water around their roots, as this can provoke plant disease. A good approach would be to use compost around the plant, and once winter arrives, add soil around the base of the plant to help keep the plant heated enough throughout the winter.  It takes time and work to grow roses; however it is well worthwhile, as no other plant or flower offers more rewards back to you than the rose does!

Although in the past the rose may have had some negative connotations, sometimes being associated with war, politics, and even the plague, today the rose is the universal symbol of love, affection, and beauty.  It is an easy flower to care for and its petals usually last a long time.  Although it is a small, delicate flower, the powerful meaning behind it is enough to take your breath away.



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