The Jamaica flower for weight loss

The flower of Jamaica or Hibiscus sabdariffa is a plant within its components have substances that are able to lose weight through different mechanisms. This allows the plant to supplement a natural treatment for weight loss, formed also by diet and exercise.

The Jamaica flower contains within its chemical substances that achieve a slimming effect. How?

Mechanism of action of the Jamaica flower weight loss
Its action diuretic accumulated liquids can lose without losing potassium.
It has a purifying effect as it gently stimulates the intestinal motility . Prevents absorption of excess sugar , which many of them will not turn into fat.
Provides satiety because it contains mucilage that upon contact with the walls of the stomach to the brain trigger stimuli activating the satiety center.
Its action antioxidant cell allows better performance and organic whole.

Thanks to all these properties the Jamaica flower is a plant that achieves weight loss and diet supplement for weight loss.

Importantly, consumption should not exceed 3 cups per day , to avoid significant laxative effect.



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