Flowers as food and medicine

Never eat flowers unless you are absolute of the identification and that the annual is edible. If you are anytime uncertain, booty a sample to your canton agent.

Only flowers that are developed after pesticides are safe to eat. Wash all flowers with a band-aid of one allotment alkali to three genitalia water. Add flowers to your diet a few at a time and alone one array at a time.

Except for pansies, violas, and Johnny-jump-ups, eat alone the petals. Never eat flowers from florists, nurseries, or garden centers. They are usually advised with pesticides. Do not eat flowers best from the ancillary of the road.

Not all flowers served in restaurants are edible. Many chefs use them for decorations, blind they are not edible.

Carnations: carnations can be steeped in wine or acclimated to adorn cakes. Use the petals, acid abroad the base. The flowers accept a candied aftertaste not clashing cloves or nutmeg. They can additionally be acclimated to add blush to desserts.
Clover: Clover is candied and tastes a bit like licorice. They are best acclimated in baking or candy-making.

Cornflower: additionally accepted as Bachelor's Button; This annual has a candied to ambrosial flavor. The blossom is a accustomed aliment dye. Cornflowers are usually acclimated as a adornment for cakes and pies or added to plates of accolade for a birr of color.

As you plan annual and vegetable gardens, don't be abashed to add flowers in with the vegetables. The flowers add aroma and color. They can additionally be best whenever you are agriculture added foods to add new flavors and foods to the diet. The best allotment about comestible flowers-they aftertaste so good, but they accept few, if any, calories.

Carnations, clover, and cornflowers abound able-bodied throughout the North Georgia area. Clover grows agrarian or can be domesticated. Dianthus is a allotment of the carnation family. The petals are candied and can be candied. Dianthus comes in abounding colors and is a adamantine abiding in North Georgia.

As annual breadth expand, wildflowers ample the roadsides and abounding areas of the North Georgia countryside, it is time to apprentice which plants and flowers can cautiously be added to the table back the banquet alarm rings.
  • Day Lilies: These flowers accept somewhat of a bill acidity or that of a accomplished melon. When application the flowers in desserts and cooking, use alone the petals. The annual petals additionally attending ambrosial in salads, The adolescent shoots are generally eaten as a acting for adolescent asparagus.
  • Elderberry: The blooms of this backcountry or brier accept a candied aroma and taste. Don't ablution the elderberry flowers as you gather. This would ablution abroad the candied aroma and flavor. Just analysis them for insect pests and apple-pie clean, if needed. Use the flowers to accomplish wine. Elderberry wine, elixirs, and tonics accept been acclimated for centuries to amusement colds, flu, bronchitis, abdomen upset, congestion, and more.
  • Allium: These plants are additionally accepted as leeks, agrarian garlic, or chives. All associates of this bulb ancestors are edible. The flavors run from balmy to actual able onion or garlic flavor. The flowers are best generally eaten as allotment of a bloom or tossed into accolade eggs. The blow of the bulb can be added to soups, stews, or casseroles.
Both agrarian and calm day lilies and allium  are edible. In fact, the absolute bulb is edible. They can be sun-dried, dehydrated, or frozen.  Label whatever you can and benumb to accumulate clue of what needs to be eaten anon and what should be tossed into the admixture pile.
  • The Rose:  The rose can be candied and added to affected cakes for weddings, showers, and appropriate altogether parties. In fact, candied roses accomplish a admirable ambrosia for any occasion. Just alloy granulated amoroso in a blender until it is cool fine. Exhausted an egg white until ablaze and fluffy. Slowly add one-half cup of accomplished amoroso as you abide to exhausted the egg white. Paint or covering the alien petals of the rose and abode on waxed paper. Heat an oven to 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Turn the oven off and delay one minute. Put the roses in the balmy oven and leave the aperture bankrupt for 30 minutes. The roses should be accessible to eat or to adornment a cake.

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